A ENATE Innova includes software engineers, programmers and Web developers to provide applications hosted in our cloud, to use these within a secure environment from anywhere. As an engineering company we are often difficult to quickly perform complex calculations we need calculators that allow us to simulate in an intuitive visual graphics, structures, etc.

Currently, applications have contracted power optimization (OPC), calculation of solar and fire load calculation. These applications have high technical content and are aimed at engineers and installers sector, but also in the future we will have other applications for the general public.

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Remote control

As mentioned in section Services / Integrated Solutions, we offer all types of remote services from design and study of the physical system, to the implementation of this. But in addition, we provide customer service website through our secure platform, to manage and control from anywhere in your system.

A ENATE Innova systems and offer their own solutions without third-party platforms, thus, better product quality and proximity. In addition, we design customized software for which that have a better comfort when managing the system. We also have systems that are activated in an emergency to avoid potential problems and / or system errors.

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Telemetry systems

Telemetry systems are important for industrial processes where automation is not possible to intervene and the human factor. Also, for high data streams is interesting to have a system of this type, such as irrigation communities with a large number of partners, as the tele meter reading of water and electricity can always know whether irrigation wells are activated and are operating in what volume.

A ENATE Innova offer such systems and customized, as we offer all the resources developers themselves to provide software that allows control of the system, data management and billing system, for example.

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Web development

Today it is imperative that your business has a website to provide services to the rest of the world. But also keep in mind that not only was the Internet but a correct image of the site and that this is "response" allows it to be more attractive both for standard content and graphic terms display, since it can open from any device (mobile, tablet or PC).

A ENATE Innova, offer creation, management and maintenance of websites, along with email services and enterprise servers. We have a large team of experienced programmers that will make your business more visible to the rest of the world.

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Software Design

A ENATE Innova offer programs of all types according to customer needs. We can design desktop applications (Windows OS) and applications for phones and tablets. Our range is very wide, as we have a team of experienced programmers. Today, any process, calculation, data management, it is necessary to have programs that facilitate these tasks, but the vast majority of times, they are oversized or do not meet customer needs.

So we offer a specialized business management to have a program where customers feel comfortable and it can be expanded according to your needs and / or business.

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